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When plannig an electric fence system there are 9 basic decisions which must usually be made.

1. What do I plan to fence in (or keep out)?

2. What configuration of fence wires do I need for these animals?

3. What will be my basic layout?

4. Have I "fenced in a circle" wherever possible?

5. Can I more easily power the fence by having the fence run near a building wired for power so that I may use a hydro-operated fencer?

6. How many miles of electrified wire do the strands add up to?

7. What type of wire should I use?

8. What type and style of fence controller should I use.

9. What is the normal moisture content of my soil. Am I close to the rock. These will help determine fencing materials.

These factors will help determine fencing materials and media used to contain or keep animal out.